Canada has created a lot of support for new start up businesses and helping them to flourish and grow rapidly. University of Waterloo has established a program that explores the concept of how ideas are created and formulated before they become start up projects.

The Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity (REAP) program is an Arts led, private/public funded program that has been created to provide undergraduate students paid work experiences to research how to take existing Interactive Digital Display technologies and blend them with content to create new market opportunities.

This concept of Seeding an Idea is an intriguing approach to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate business skills while students are still in their undergraduate years.

This is also an opportunity to explore the concept of creative innovation that is required within organizations to identify new market opportunities for existing technologies. The speed to market is significantly increased if you can identify new opportunities for existing products that leads to new ways to use the technology and new problems that can be solved for customers.

Many companies are currently exploring ways to incorporate innovation into their existing operational processes. The REAP program uses techniques such as Thinkering (similar to design thinking) to push the envelop of technology through “What If” exploration and sharing ideas as a group. Studying this model helps to understand how to bring this type of innovation into business cultures.