An image has power. From the roots of the 60’s struggles to make a difference in the world, we now have the technology that enables the general masses to have a voice. The Gutenberg Press put the power of knowledge in the hands of the people because it made it affordable for them to read news from beyond their physical boundaries and making it accessible and affordable. Social Media takes that a step forwards and enables people to SPEAK UP and be heard beyond their physical boundaries affordably.

When a moving photo of an Amazon Chief and tribe was posted showing the elderly chief in tears over the Belo Monte Damn construction in Brazil, a WAVE of response rose up from around the globe to cry out against the tragedy of corporate greed destroying a part of the earth.

And then came the joyous announcement that the Brazilian court has ruled that the project risks damaging fish stocks in the Xingu River and therefore has halted the project. Perhaps this still feeds into the greed of the fishing corporations, but at least it saves a part of our precious planet:

The fact that ONE IMAGE can spread so rapidly and widely around the globe and mobilize people to raise their voices is truly incredible. The fact that we have technology that is available to support this is a wonderful advancement for the globe. The fact that people actually SPOKE UP to save this dam is inspirational.

I’m blown away by the power of one PHOTO to raise awareness beyond geographical and language boundaries and cut through the noise to reach people who care. One image of a native elder crying spoke volumes. We knew what was at stake. Sure, maybe he just got some dust in his eyes and was wiping it out, but that doesn’t matter. The caption and the medium used to transmit it mobilized the masses to speak and act. One river has been saved.

I am extremely excited to think about what can be achieved with the technology that we have now and will have in the future. I’ve watched the progress now for over 25 years and it has been slow… but as people learn how to use digital media for communications beyond words, I’m hoping that we’ll have a wave of good positive vibes spreading out across the globe to make things happen 🙂

Power to the People… through digital communications 🙂